iPod Reset Utility

iPod Reset Utility 1.0

The iPod Reset Utility is an application that will restore your iPod
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The iPod Reset Utility is an application that will restore your iPod. This application is really a last resort when everything else has failed and you can't get your iPod to work. On the official website, there are only two models supported by this application, but I am sure that there have to be applications for other models. The supported iPod models are the iPod Shuffle 1st Generation and 2nd Generation. These models do not have a screen, so it is quite hard to see what is wrong with them. Recently, I had a problem with my 2nd Generation one. The device wouldn't appear as a drive on my Mac and it wouldn't be recognized by iTunes either. Since iTunes is pretty much the only way to get music on this device, I was kind of in a dead-end. Luckily enough, I run into this application. The website has a nice troubleshooting guide that tells you exactly what to do before you resort to restoring your iPod to factory settings. If you have to use this application, bear in mind that all your data will be deleted.

José Fernández
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  • Fixes your iPod when everything else has failed


  • Doesn't keep your data
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